Lifecycle Integrity


If you are a credit/debit card issuer, acquirer, or merchant, you usually meet dozens of problems from organising your business processes to EMV migration to PCI DSS certification. We can help you to achieve your business goals in the most efficient way.

We will be glad to provide you with our expertise in business analysis, product management, project management, system integration, and system development in the following areas of electronic funds transfer business application:

       Credit, debit, prepaid card issuing and acquiring

       POS and ATM networks/switches/concentrators development, implementation, maintenance, support

       Interface certification with Visa, MasterCard and other payment card networks

       POS system development and integration into payment card acquiring networks

       PCI DSS, fraud prevention, and privacy protection

       EMV migration

       NFC (contactless payments)

       Public transit fare payments

       Card acquiring in e-commerce

       Mobile device payments

Some experts speak the language of engineers. Other experts speak the language of business people. We speak both languages. Whereas other projects have gaps between what stakeholders want and what is being delivered, ours do not. 

White Papers and Ideas

       Intelligent Fare Collection Systems in Public Transit.

U.S. patent 8,954,344

       Verex Process. Regular purchase transactions comprise cardholder authentication, card authentication, merchant authentication, and issuer bank authentication. Havenít we forgot to authenticate the commodity which is going to be purchased?

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